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    Terms and Conditions

    Commercial Terms & Conditions

    1. Above rates are inclusive of uniformed chauffeur (with Mobile), fuel and all maintenance costs.
    2. Interstate Taxes, MCD, DND, Toll and Parking shall be extra as actual.
    3. Goods and Service Tax applicable as per Govt. Directive.
    4. This Tariff can be changed by VARDAAN CAR RENTAL SERVICES PVT. LTD. Due to increase in costs of input (e.g.: fuel price hike). By informing to customer before booking.
    5. Charges for Outstation travel will be for minimum 250 kms per day.
    6. Payments will be made within 15 days of presentation of bills. Any discrepancy in bills must be brought to notice of VARDAAN CAR RENTAL SERVICES PVT. LTD. Within 7 days of presentation.
    7. Opening and closing mileage with time would be charged from Garage to Garage. Booking is made in advance and without any ambiguity. Booking should make at least 2 hours in advance and subject to availability.
    8. Pre-determined itinerary/places to be visited must be informed before start of travel and written at back of duty slip.
    9. Vardaan Car Rental Services will not be held responsible for loss of any belongings let in the vehicle.
    10. Other state booking will be taken before a day and subject to availability of cab.
    11. Minimum billing for Local Run Usage will be for 4hrs 40 kms then extra kms/ hour would be applicable up to 1 hour and 10 kms whichever exceeds afterwards next package will be applicable.
    12. Transfer rate applicable up to 4HRS/80KMS only, exceeding automatically converted to 8HRS/80KMS.
    13. Night charges would be applicable as per commercial offer between 10pm-6am.
    14. This Agreement effective from 01/Apr/2022 and shall remain in force till 31/March/2023.
    15. The cost for events and delegations will be determined at the time of the event.
      1. Vardaan Car Rental Services Pvt. Ltd. will provide transportation service in well maintained cabs with well-trained chauffeurs, equipped with mobile phone for quick and easy communication.
      2. Any service issues faced by any user/guest of the XXXXXX must immediately be raised within 24 hours of closure of the duty in writing addressed to: / Vardaan Car Rental Services Pvt. Ltd. undertakes to respond with a investigation and action taken report on the same within 48 hours of receipt of all such issues.
      3. In case the requested category of cab is not available then, subject to availability, the immediate next cab category will be provided or an alternative category of cab with the mutual consent of the user and the VARDAAN operating Unit shall be provided.
      4. Confirmations of reservations will be subject to availability of cabs in the requested category.
      5. XXXXXX shall at all times ensure that booking is made in advance and without any ambiguity. Booking should make at least 4 hours in advance.
      6. Cancellation charges: Once vehicle dispatched the cancellation charges will be: Minimum Slab as per annexure-A.
      7. Timings & Kilometres will be calculated from garage to garage of Vardaan Car Rental Services Pvt. Ltd.
      8. User from the XXXXXX will have to sign on the duty slip at the end of the journey/release of the cab along with the Kms at the end of the journey before releasing the cab.
      9. Vardaan Car Rental Services Pvt. Ltd. would be having custody and control of the cab through its chauffeur, the intention of the arrangement being supply of transportation service and not leasing or renting of the cab.
    16. Dispute Resolution : All disputes and differences that may arise between the parties hereto in regard to or touching these presents, carrying out of terms and conditions herein under and / or the interpretation thereof in any way whatsoever or as to construction, meaning, validity or effects of this agreement or any clause, matter or thing herein contained or the rights and liabilities of the parties herein under shall be settled as per Indian Laws.
    17. Jurisdiction : All matters concerning these presents shall be subjected to UP Jurisdiction.
    18. This Agreement effective from XXXXXX and shall remain in force till XXXXXXX, when it would automatically renew for further period of years. Unless terminated as provided herein by either party.
    19. Termination of the Agreement : Either party may terminate the Agreement by giving notice of 30 days in writing to the other party. The parties shall discharge their respective obligations under the Agreement during the notice period.