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    One Step Solution for All Your Car Hire Needs

    Our Vision

    To provide the best rental car rental experience to our clients, businesses and cities alike by defining service excellence and exceed our customer’s expectations. To connect people across all corners of India and provide our clients with the best travel experiences.

    Our Mission

    We shall strive to provide the best on-demand mobility services across India and exceed customers’ expectations for service, quality, safety and value. We shall provide our employees with a great place to work and ensure their security. Our aim is to bring the communities closer and add value to our service industry and in turn, our country as a responsible, corporate enterprise.

    About us

    Vardaan Cabs is an ongoing Indian success story that began in the year 2007 with a young man, two cars and true grit. Like most Indian companies, Vardaan too had a very humble beginning. Under the strong leadership of our Founder, Shri Bhupal Singh, the company has now grown from two cars to a leading provider of mobility solutions with a huge fleet of 100+ cars and coaches including luxury and budget friendly options, 65+ clientele and a strong network of 250+ cars across the country.

    While operating from the heart of India, Delhi-NCR-Noida region, Vardaan offers a wide range of car and van rentals to on-demand travel solutions that makes the vehicles easily accessible to our clients across major cities in India, thus helping them to travel comfortably. In Short, We Have Taken Care of Every Details to Present Top Class Service at Reasonable Rates.

    With our business partners, we have developed an ecosystem to provide the best travel solutions across all the major cities and the states of India.

    At Vardaan, we believe in the age-old, time-tested business mantra- ‘Customer is King’ and we strive to meet the demands of our clients and provide them with the best mobility solutions in the industry. The non-automated and interactive nature of our booking process has ample scope for answering your queries prior to booking. Our post sales, round the clock customer service ensures a smooth trip every single time. We offer the best travel experience at reasonable rates. Whether you want a spacious, roomy family vehicle or a low-cost economy car, we have a wide range of vehicles to offer. All our vehicles are in top condition, well maintained and serviced regularly to ensure safety, security and smooth journey of not just our customers but our driving staff as well.

    Maybe you are traveling for work, carpooling with co-workers, going on a long vacation and need a ride to or from the airport to your hotel or the conference location, maybe you’re traveling solo and need a budget friendly yet safe car option, maybe you’re bringing your partner and your kids along with you. Be it a short trip for work in one city or multiple cities or a long vacation in the mountains or by the beach, Vardaan has a vehicle that can fit your needs and not deplete your travel fund.

    At Vardaan, the safety and security of our customers and employees is our top most priority. We have always had a strict policy for maintaining high standards of hygiene for all our vehicles. But the ongoing pandemic has changed the world. We are now living in different times where the standard requirement for hygiene is much higher than it ever was. Frequent cleaning of the cabs is the need of the hour. After understanding the requirements stated by medical doctors and the guidelines laid down by the Government of India, we have now incorporated an even stricter protocols for vehicle cleaning as well as maintenance. We hope to maintain the highest standards for cleanliness even in future.

    We are a brand that is recognized for its customer relationships. We value the relationships we build over years with our clients and employees and consider them as a part of our own extended family. We have a simple yet powerful set of beliefs that have set us apart from our competitors helped us walk on the path of success. Our top priority is always ‘Customer Satisfaction’ followed by ensuring the wellbeing of our employees. We believe that in any organization, people play the key role and rest everything comes later. This philosophy has helped us grow from a humble start up with two cars to a full-fledged enterprise with hundreds of cars, happy employees and satisfied customers. Our growth is the direct result of investing in our hardworking employees and treating our clients with the respect they deserve. In turn, we received immense support from both, our employees as well as clients that helped us grow into a successful business from a small, humble start up.

    Vardaan Cab Offers 1:

    Now the summer vacations  is going on, you can get 10% off on each vehicle segments.

    Offer 2 : 10% Discount of Total package of Tempo Traveller for Char Dham Yatra

    Offer 3 : 5% Discount  of Total package of Tempo Traveller for Summer Vacations

    Meet Our Team

    • Mr Bhupal Singh
    • $ 100
    • (Director)

    • Mr Divy Singh
    • $ 100
    • (Director)

    • Mr H. Chilwal
    • $ 100
    • (Director Sales and Marketing)

    Our Clients

    We collaborate with many companies and people, we’d love to work with you.